With so many options being put forth as a cure for insomnia, on the internet, over-the-counter and through pharmaceutical prescriptions, its important for us to show tangible results with new clients as quickly as possible.

Our four session trial does just that. Four sessions allows you to get a good pulse on how the program works, how sessions feel to you and if your noticing changes are actually taking place.

It also important to note that the four sessions are only a trial. It this stage, we are only aiming for a discernible measure of improvement to establish results early on. To make the results lasting, 15 sessions is recommended. (Additional alpha-theta sessions if there is evidence of unresolved trauma).

We have developed several ways of tracking progress within the trial. First is taking a before and after baseline of your brain, before and after each of the four sessions. This are not used to diagnose any brain disorders, but used to observe how efficiently your brain is using it own resources.

Begin Slide

Baseline Slide Before First Session (Click on Image to Enlarge)

The above slide reveals several things. The top box is the left brain, and the bottom is the right. To the right of the boxes is a little color bar. The ideal color for both the boxes within the bar scale is yellow (middle). This slide shows an under-balanced brain.

The second item is the little pixel'ed colors running along the bottom of the boxes. These represent how well, or how inefficiently the brain is using it bio-electrical resources. The frequency scale to the left of each box, 7 hertz, 14 hertz, ect. are 'task specific' as to how fluidly the brain can up-shift or down-shift (the frequency spectrum) to perform any given task.

As an example, 7.2 hertz is used for those 'Ah-Ha!' moments of creativity. 14 hertz is for settling into a relaxed, focused state. And 28 hertz is the surrender state that allows us to let go of  'stuck-ness' and open our hearts and minds to all things fresh and new.

Middle Slide

Baseline Slide After 4 Sessions.

The above slide shows a nice movement of the little pixels up the frequency scale on the left of each box. Also you can see the box color have migrated from green to orange, (moving closer to yellow).

Again, we will see some movement for the better after four, but more is revealed as we move through all 15 sessions.

Between 4th and 15th sessions, we normally also see improvements in attention, mood, interaction with family and co-workers and an ability to better see and plan for our futures.

Remember, we are not treating the brain per se, (doing it for the brain) but teaching the brain after 15 sessions to stabilize and maintain the gains achieved after the program is finished.

After Slide

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Baseline Slide After a Full 20 Sessions